Motorola Xoom will be sprung in spring in Europe

MWC 2011: Motorola has announced that its iPad-bashing Xoom tablet will be with European users by spring 2011.

Two models of the Android Honeycomb-powered gadget - one with 3G and the other Wi-Fi only - will surface in the second quarter of 2011 in the UK and beyond.

Strong rumours backed up by some compelling evidence unearthed at one US retailer suggest that our colonial cousins will get the first bite of the cherry on February 24th.

If Motorola follows Apple's lead, however, don't be surprised if the European launch is pushed back as America is allowed to sate its appetite for the ten-inch tablet before the rest of the world gets a look-in.

Like every other iPad wannabe out there, Motorla's Xoom seeks to trump the iPad's apparent shortcomings with dual cameras, USB and HDMI connectivity, and full Flash support.

Powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, the tablet features a 10-hour battery which Motorola reckons charges in half the time of the current competition.