Qualcomm Unleashes Quad Core Krait SoC

Qualcomm has announced that it will be shipping a new family of Snapdragon processors based on a new micro-architecture code, which will be called "Krait".

Krait is a type of snake and will replace Scorpion, another stinging, deadly creature. Based on a 28nm geometry, Krait is set to feature in three chipsets that were announced this morning.

The MSM8930 is a single core model, the MSM8960 a dual core and the APQ8064 a quad core model. Qualcomm hasn't disclosed the actual clockspeed of the chipsets, although it did mention that the APQ8064 can be clocked up to a staggering 2.5GHz.

This should allow the new family of Snapdragons to delivery up to 150 per cent higher performance as well as 65 per cent lower power consumption than "currently available ARM-based CPU cores".

Qualcomm did not dwell on the exact definition of what hardware served as the baseline in the benchmark but it is our understanding that it is based on the A8; we shall assume that the performance expectations are on a one core, clock-for-clock comparison.

As expected, the new Krait will come with an array of features that will be common to all smartphones launched in 2012; multi channel audio, stereoscopic 3D, full HD over HDMI, intergated Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM.

Samples of the APQ8064 will be available in early 2012 which means that products will be ready by the end of H1 2012, just in time for Tegra 3 and the TI OMAP 5.