Radiohead to release 'newspaper album'

Oxford-based proto-prog-rock miserablists and digital music pioneers Radiohead have announced that their latest opus will be the world's first 'newspaper album'

The King of Limbs will initially be available as a digital download only, in WAV uncompressed CD-quality or 320K constant bit rate MP3 formats for £6 and £9 respectively. The download can be pre-ordered now and the servers will be open for business an Saturday February 19th.

Deep trousered fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the full content of the so-called 'newspaper album', which will feature a raft of additional goodies including: two 10-inch clear vinyl records in a custom-built sleeve, a compact disc, loads and loads of original artwork, access to the digital download and the chance to win a signed two-track vinyl disk which is bound to be incredibly rare.

The full package will start shipping on May 9th and will cost £30 with the WAV download and £33 for the MP3 version.

We're not sure what the 'newspaper' reference is all about but for £30 or more we can only hope the artwork isn't printed on newsprint.

Radiohead's previous experiment with allowing fans to pay what the thought was fair for the 2007 In Rainbows album, from 46p including the 45p credit card fee, was heralded as a success by the band, although they've never revealed exactly how much revenue it generated.

Judging from the change of heart for this later release, it obviously wasn't enough, although the band insisted the virtual free-for-all was a on-off experiment in response to the controversy surrounding music piracy.

There's no indication whether the band will be returning to their guitar-based rock roots or if Thom Yorke has been sitting in his basement with a computer making it go plinky plonky thwweep and then moaning over the top of the digital noises like he's got a toothache - again.