Skype Establishes Wifi Hotspot Partnerships

Skype has announced a deal with some of the world's leading wifi hotspot providers to offer internet connection on a pay-as-you-go basis in cafes, offices, trains and airports across the globe.

With companies, such as the UK leader BT Openzone and the world's largest independent Wi-Fi provider Fon, on board, the internet service will be available in over 500,000 locations to customers of the Skype Access service.

The launch of the new service at the MWC was accompanied by a special offer of free internet access throughout Spain via the service during the course of the event.

A notable benefit to customers is that they will pay for internet access on a per-minute basis using their skype credit, avoiding often costly alternatives offered at airports and the like.

The cost of using the service will be around 4p or $0.06 per minute. The only requirements for access are the latest version of Skype for Mac or Windows and a suitable hotspot location.