Sony's Killzone 3 leaked ahead of launch

Sony's woes over piracy on its PlayStation 3 platform continue with the news that first-party shooter Killzone 3 has been leaked in full and finished form to various file sharing services.

While the leaked pre-release copy weighs in at a whopping 41.5GB, it is already doing brisk business on file sharing sites and BitTorrent indexers as fans of the series eager to get their hands on the game prior to release give their modems a work-out.

The file's source claims that the download represents the full and finished code for the game, and even packs the much-vaunted 3D mode for those who have their PlayStation 3s hooked up to a 3DTV. A smaller download, which strips out the 3D support, is also available for those who can't wait for the giant download to complete.

The leaked copy requires a modified PS3 console to run, but that has become less of an issue thanks to the leaking of the private key used to lock the digital rights management system on the console - meaning no hardware modification is required to play the game.

With Sony redoubling its efforts to chase those who discuss the PS3 private key leak with its cadre of attack laywers, and continuing its failed attempts to find a technological solution to the DRM crack, this latest leak will be embarrassing for the company.

Sadly, it's likely to be the gamers who will suffer. With rumours claiming that Sony is looking to patch the hole in its console's security by introducing PC-style serial keys to its games, the leaking of Killzone 3 may be the final straw for the company.