Steve Jobs still pulling Apple's strings

Despite having taken an indefinite leave of absence for health reasons, Apple supremo Steve Jobs is still calling all the shots from his Palo Alto home.

Although the Apple saviour hasn't been spotted popping into the office during the three weeks since he cleared his calendar, the Thin White Duke of Cupertino - who is thought to be convalescing properly after returning to work prematurely following a fight with pancreatic cancer and a subsequent liver transplant - is still said to be calling all of the shots.

Stock Market pundits who thought Apple would quickly founder without Jobs at the helm have been proved wrong, as the company remains buoyant under remote control.

It's not clear whether Jobs will be wheeled out in his traditional turtleneck and Levi's combo to present any of this year's major launches - which may or may not include the iPad 2, iPhone 5 and even an iPhone Nano according to some sources - but Apple's traditional WWDC keynote home, the Moscone Centre in San Fransisco, has been block-booked from June 5th to 9th for an undisclosed 'corporate meeting', according to the WSJ.

Frankly, we like to think of Steve going all Howard Hughes on his Apple underlings, barking orders at interim CEO Tim 'Captain' Cook from his sick bed, surrounded by scribbles of fantastical ideas for new Apple gadgets. Don't forget that Jobs is not just the smiling face of Apple's marketing machine: he also personally holds more than 200 patents within the company.

We'd also like to think that, at 55, Steve has a good few years left in him yet and wish him a speedy recovery.