Unresolved Security Issues On RSA 2011 Agenda

This year's RSA security conference suggests that IT vendors are still struggling to find solutions to problems that were highlighted in RSA 2010.

The RSA 2011 conference, which is taking place this week in San Francisco, brings together enterprise IT experts and software vendors on a single platform to discuss the latest problems plaguing the industry and their possible solutions.

However, according to V3, the schedule for RSA 2011 has striking similarities to last year's conference, indicating that most of the problems voiced during RSA 2010 remain unsolved.

Cloud computing was one of the main focus points for RSA 2010. Enterprises are still hesitant about hosting their sensitive company data along with private customer information on servers that are usually located outside the country they are operating in.

Apart from cloud computing, the RSA 2011 is focusing on other familiar questions, like how to educate users to avoid social engineering attacks and securing critical enterprise IT infrastructures when funding is limited.