ACS Law Targetted Innocent Users For Illegal Downloading

A former ACS Law employee has claimed that several internet users pursued by the controversial law firm were innocent of illegal downloads and file sharing.

ACS Law, which has since shut down its operations, had sent letters to around 20,000 alleged illegal file-sharers, demanding fines of up to £500. Internet users were threatened with legal action if they failed to pay the exorbitant fines.

Letters were sent to people for illegally downloading music, videos and pornographic content. However, most of the people were startled to receive the letters as they had downloaded no such content.

In an interview with 5 Live Investigates, one former ACS Law employee said “What I gradually became aware of was that some people were clearly not guilty. Some of them were, for instance, old ladies who never downloaded files - they just didn't have security on their wireless connection. And some of the people ringing up came from pretty bad circumstances.”

The ACS Law incident has laid the grounds for the government to review the Digital Economy Act so that law firms like ACS Law don't abuse the law to their own benefit.