Ballmer Reveals Major Software Update For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed that the company is planning a major software update for its Windows Phone 7 mobile phone operating system in March.

His announcements come as Microsoft tries to make its mark in the lucrative smartphone market that is largely dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android powered device.

Speaking during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ballmer said that some of the new features coming to Windows Phone 7 powered devices would include Twitter integration and the ability to run multiple applications at a time. Microsoft also plans to include an upgraded version of its Internet Explorer web browser that will support a faster web browsing experience and better rendering of animations.

“Increasingly, consumers and mobile operators won't choose a phone, they'll choose a mobile platform,” Ballmer said in a statement.

The software giant also showcased a Windows Phone 7 smartphone working with its Xbox 360 gaming console and the Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral.