BSG Calls For Patience Over Rural Broadband

The roll out of next generation broadband in rural areas of the UK might take some time and patience to perfect, the Broadband Stakeholder Group has claimed.

The group, an industry-government forum for tackling strategic issues relating to broadband deployment, added that there is no precedent for such a large scale rollout.

According to BSG chief executive officer Antony Walker, people should realise that something like this has not been attempted before. It is the first time that next generation broadband is being deployed to challenging rural areas and it will take time to come up with the right way to do it.

“It's important to recognise that nobody's really done this before in terms of building out next-generation networks into challenging rural locations and therefore it takes time to work out how to get it right,” he said in a statement.

His comments come after Labour MP for Wrexham Ian Lucas told PC Pro that he had asked the UK government to pull its finger out and get going with the rural broadband deployment plans.