.Gay Domain Could Face Government Veto

Scott Seitz, chief executive of dotGAY and the founder of SPI Marketing, will apply to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to get approval for the controversial website domain '.gay'.

Seitz will submit his application along side other domain names like .car, .nyc and .web. The proposal could even run into difficulty in the form of the Obama Administration, which, along with other members of the Governmental Advisory Committee, may be able to veto any domain name which it deems 'objectionable', under new US legislation currently on the table.

In an interview with CNET, Seitz said “It's problematic, and it's discrimination on a terrible level. It's not even appropriate for countries (to have the ability to veto) because of freedom of expression. Anything beyond (restricting speech that) incites violence is discrimination.”

He also explained his vision for how the .gay domain would work, "Instead of what most people would do, which is go and sell your top categories, travel.gay, doctor.gay, hiv.gay, bar.gay, we're keeping them. And they'll become an index to the community globally."

Scott Seitz runs SPI Marketing, which is a gay marketing, public relations and event planning agency. Among their top level clients are Absolut Vodka, American Express, Subaru and Travelocity.