Fast Broadband Increases House Value

Research conducted by broadband comparison website ISPreview has revealed that a good broadband connection could add real value to house prices in the UK.

According to the ISPreview survey, more than two-thirds of UK internet users - a total of 68.8 per cent of those questioned - said they would refrain from buying a 'beautiful new house' if it lacked a proper broadband connection.

Around half of the users who were questioned, 49.5 per cent, said they would be prepared to pay more for a house if it had faster broadband connectivity than the house in which they currently lived.

73.9 per cent of respondents to the survey went as far as claiming that the internet was a 'critically important' aspect of their home life, with another 24.2 per cent declaring that it was of 'average' importance.

The survey also found that 37.2 per cent of people would be happy to pay more for a holiday accommodation such as a hotel if it offered an in-room broadband connection.

“Clearly a strong appetite for faster connectivity exists within the UK and homes that are able to offer this kind of access, especially through the new generation of superfast ISP products, could stand to gain in value,” the ISPreview concluded.