Kognitio Pablo Enables More Efficient Data Analytics

Business analytics firm Kognitio has come up with a new product that would allow businesses to do away with physical cubes for heavy data analytics.

Pablo, which gets its name from famous painter Pablo Picasso, allows users to carry business analytics by making virtual cubes that run on Kognitio's WX2 database.

The company claims that Pablo will allow businesses to make more reliable data analytics and give faster access to data queries.

Pablo is designed to eliminate the need for expensive and complex front end applications, allowing anyone to access faster data analytics tools.

John Coppins, Product Director at Kognitio said in a statement “Cubes have always given in-depth analysis, but only if organisations can deal with the limitations. For example, production is extremely time-consuming, processes are slowed down and IT needs to be involved at every step. Now, with Pablo, we are able to remove a huge number of those.”

Kognitio Pablo is going to be available from 1st June 2011.