Nintendo Held To Ransom Over Stolen User Data

Spanish law enforcement agents have arrested a man for allegedly blackmailing Japanese gaming giant Nintendo by threatening to release stolen data belonging to 4,000 Nintendo gamers.

According to BBC News, the Spaniard, who was arrested in Spain's Malaga province, allegedly obtained the details of 4,000 Nintendo customers and made demands from the company in exchange for not reporting the incident to data protection agencies or releasing the data.

When the company refused to give-in to his demands, the hacker released some of the information online to make the company realise that he was not bluffing.

The Spanish police said that the hacker was planning to release even more of the data if his demands were not met. Spain's interior ministry declined to disclose the identity of the hacker but said that he was no longer a threat.

However, it is still not clear whether the hacker had stolen the data from Nintendo's own system or had procured it from a third party.

The company itself acknowledged there had been an incident but refused to comment on the matter whilst an investigation is ongoing.