UK Trailing In Key Areas Of Digital Development

The UK is lagging behind other European nations in terms of digital development in some key areas, according to leading analysts.

The Economist Intelligence Unit stated that even though the country was taking huge strides in terms of digital development, there still remained important areas in which it was trailing behind other nations.

Denis McCauley, director of global technology research at the EIU said “There are many policymakers, business leaders and industry experts who are justifiably proud of the UK's achievements in some areas of digital development.”

“By and large, however, I believe there is broad recognition that the UK lags behind other nations in key areas of digital development, such as NGN [next-generation network] roll-out and service adoption,” he added

His comments come after the head of FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) Council Europe, Chris Holden, warned that developed European nations like UK, Germany and Spain would need to step-up their efforts to roll out next-generation broadband or risk falling behind faster developing countries in this area.