pledges £63 million to tackle cyber crime

Two weeks after the government launched its UK police crime map website, Home Secretary Theresa May has pledged £63 million over the next four years to tackle cyber crime.

Speaking at a meeting of European interior ministers in Krakow, Poland, May said that the UK would rely on "self regulation" rather than "formal regulation" to tackle cyber security and cyber crime.

To be honest, we can't quite work out what "self-regulation" means when it comes to cyber crime - we assumed that 'crime' was exactly what happened when people failed to regulate themselves. Is she asking online offenders to turn themselves in?

What's more, the £63 million announced today is rather a sleight of hand. It is, after all, part of a bigger £650 Million cyber security package announced last year as part of the government's National Security Strategy.

Government policy on cyber crime was dealt a serious blow last year when the boss of online child protection agency CEOP, Jim Gamble, quit amid allegations that the ruling coalition was "betraying children".

The 'announcement' comes as Labour leader Ed Miliband today wrote his first article for the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper - the tabloid credited with helping topple his party from power at the last election, following its switch of allegiance to the Conservative Party.

Condemning what he called Tory leader David Cameron's "broken promises" on law and order, Miliband summed up Conservative policy with a play on the words of predecessor Tony Blair: "Bluff on crime, bluff on the causes of crime - the worst kind of politics."