Android Ice Cream 2.4 = Gingerbread + Honeycomb

MWC 2011: Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed to an audience at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the upcoming version 2.4 of its Android operating system will combine both Gingerbread 2.3 and the tablet-centric Honeycomb 3.0.

And while he didn't go as far as confirming the upcoming release's name for definite, he told attendees: "You can imagine the follow up will start with an I, be named after dessert, and will combine these two."

Our money - and everyone else's, it seems - is on Ice Cream.

The news that the new OS release will combine the two is designed to allay criticism that the two separate strands would cause fragmentation within the Android market.

As ITProPortal reported, Google's Sergey Brin confirmed as far back as 2009 that Android and Google's other OS, Chrome would eventually be merged - but provided no clear roadmap as to when that would happen.