Apple Chief Wins 10-Year Battle To Demolish House

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally received the permission to demolish his 14-bedroom, 17,250-square-foot Spanish Colonial Revival home after a legal battle lasting 10 years with preservationists.

According to Mercury News, the demolition has already began on the sprawling mansion, which is known as the Jackling House. Jobs is planning on building a modern home in its place.

Woodside Town Manager Susan George told Mercury News “The site has been prepared for demolition, and I think they actually physically started the demolition process (Monday).”

Jobs, who is currently on a medical leave, had purchased the mansion in the 1980s and lived there for about a decade before renting it out. The mansion remained vacant for ten years before Jobs decided to tear it down and replace it with a smaller, more modern home.

His permission request was blocked by a legal filing made by a local preservationist group, Uphold Our Heritage.

Doug Carstens, the lawyer for Uphold Our Heritage, told Mercury News that it was a 'shame' that the house was being demolished. An offer to move the house stone for stone to their property was made by some other local residents, but the terms of an agreement could not be agreed upon between Jobs and the couple.