Apple iWork 11 launch date leaked

Retail giant and serial blabbermouth Best Buy has accidentally revealed that Apple will be launching the latest version of its productivity software package iWork on February 19th.

For those of you living outside Apple's fragrant, air-conditioned ecosystem, iWork is the Cupertino company's answer to Microsoft Office, allowing Mac users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the same way as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, but without the massive bloat, brain-debilitating complexity or wallet-worrying price tag.

The three apps are currently looking a little long in the tooth having been in existence since 2009 but a page spotted on the Mexican web site of tech supermarket Best Buy - and grabbed by the quick fingered folks at Apple Bitch - suggests that a refresh is on the cards.

If the page is to be believed, iWork 11 will arrive - in Mexico at least - on February 19th. Since the page was originally spotted, it has been pulled, reposted with the 11 removed an 09 put in its place (but as we mentioned before, iWork 09 is very far from 'nuevo') and pulled again.

The revelation is bound to get the rumour mongers frothing as Apple is unlikely to announce the release of a software package on its own. We expect to see lots of reports about the launch of the iPhone 5, iPad 2, iTunes music streaming, a refresh to the MacBook Pro range or any number of made-up nonsense hanging off of this one, and all happening on this week's magic date, February 19th.