Apple Testing Three iPhone 5 Designs Concurrently

A Taiwan based website is claiming that three iPhone 5 prototypes are being secretly tested by the company although it is unlikely that any of them will be the final product shipped on the 6th of June. says that one of them has a slide out physical keyboard while the other ressembles the iPhone 4 but with a better battery annd an eight-megapixel camera; the third and last phone wasn't identified but we suspect it might be the legendary iPhone 5 Mini.

As TUAW points out, the Taiwanese site is not so shabby when it comes to Apple iPhone 5 rumours and has a pretty good record, probably better than many Apple analysts on the market.

So which iPhone model is likely to make it? The iPhone 5 is not going through another radical transformation for sure; no new redesign this time around.

Apple has a powerful, distinctive design and will be building on it; better battery life, better camera, more memory, more powerful GPU & CPU and NFC, that's what can be expected.

There is however, one question that needs to be answered, why has Apple changed the design of the iPhone 4 so radically? Stay tuned for more.