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Blu-Ray DVDs With Android Compatibility Released

Android users will now be able to watch Blu-Ray DVDs on their devices, thanks to 20th Century Fox's efforts to offer their content on as many platforms as possible.

The Blu-Ray DVD of the blockbuster movie Unstoppable is the first to come with an extra file that will let consumers watch the movie on the go using their Android device.

Users can copy the movie to their Android devices using BD Live and the PocketBlu Android application which is available for free download from the Android Market app store.

The movie studio said that users would need the Unstoppable DVD, a wi-fi connected Blu-Ray player and an Android device running version 1.6 or higher in order to try the new technology. Consumers will also be able copy DVD extras like interviews and directors commentary along with the full movie.

Simon Swart of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment stated, "for the first time ever, our customers can now access their Blu-ray titles on their Android devices with the Blu-ray Digital Copy at no additional charge, anytime, anywhere!"

Though the Unstoppable DVD is the first to come with this unique feature, 20th Century Fox plans on releasing all major movie DVDs in 2011 equipped with Android compatibility.