HTC Flyer tablet priced at €669, claims Amazon

HTC's upcoming entry into the tablet market, the Android-based Flyer, has only just been announced - but already Amazon thinks it knows how much the device will cost, and is opening pre-orders.

The HTC Flyer was only announced during yesterday's session of the Mobile World Congress event, but Amazon's German arm already has the device up for sale - offering a sneak peek at how much the device is likely to fetch when it hits the UK.

According to Amazon Germany, the HTC Flyer will retail at €669, or around £563, when it officially launches later this year. It's not yet clear from Amazon's listing whether the pricing represents a stab in the dark so as to grab an early lead in pre-orders, or if it's an official figure from HTC.

Confirmed by Amazon's listing are the specifications mentioned by HTC at the MWC announcement: a 7-inch 1024x600 multi-touch display puts it on a par with the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab, although it offers double the RAM at 1GB and a faster 1.5GHz processor.

Sadly, it appears from the listing that HTC is going to be launching the device on Android 2.4 - either an upgraded version of Gingerbread or the as-yet unofficial Ice-Cream release - but promises a software update to the tablet-centric Android 3.0 Honeycomb shortly after release.

There's no denying that the Flyer is an impressive device, and builds on HTC's expertise in the Android market with its smartphone range. With a price tag as high as £600 once VAT and rounding is accounted for, however, it could find the Flyer a hard sell over Apple's popular iPad or the cheaper Galaxy Tab.

Those looking to enter the tablet world with the purchase of a Flyer might do well to hang fire: with Apple's iPad 2 due imminently, and the promise of quad-core 'super-tablets' from Nvidia's hardware partners, the market is due to get extremely interesting in the near future.

The product listing is still live at the time of writing and can be found over on