Nokia Wrong To Choose Microsoft, Says Google Chief

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said that Nokia made a 'wrong choice' when it decided to build smartphones for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS.

Speaking during a keynote at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Schmidt confirmed that Nokia had held confidential talks with Google before the company decided to go for Microsoft's platform.

Google claims to be activating more than 300,000 Android devices everyday. The smartphone platform has been adopted by 24 mobile phone makers and has presence in 69 countries. Schmidt said that Nokia is welcome to adopt Android as a smartphone platform any time it likes.

“We would like them to adopt Android at some point in the future and that offer remains open. We think Android was a good choice for Nokia. We are sorry they made a different choice,” Schmidt said during his keynote speech.

The chief executive of Nokia, Stephen Elop, stated recently that its adoption of the Windows Phone would provide an alternative for the masses to the Apple and Google platforms. They were reluctant to adopt Android as their product could become less differentiated.

Nokia's shares have fallen by more than 20 percent since the company announced its alliance with Microsoft.