Oakley 3D specs get RealD seal of approval

We've never really been able to get our heads around people who don't like to wear 3D glasses in the cinema because they think they make them look a bit daft.

Firstly, you are sitting in the dark and no-one can really see you anyway. And secondly, if you're watching a film where people are more interested in the sartorial elegance of the people around them, might we suggest you may have chosen the wrong movie?

Fortunately for those of you who are so vain that you care what total strangers, whom you will almost certainly never encounter again, think you look like whilst wearing a pair of Roy Orbison specs, especially when they are wearing the very same, one company may have an answer.

Oakley, which makes the kind of sporty sunglasses normally found gracing the sun-fried faces of skiers and other outdoor sporty types, has come up with a pair of trendy 3D goggles which will put you a cut above all of the other cinema drones with their tacky rented or recycled specs.

They're compatible with the RealD 3D polarising technology which is used in most cinemas and have certificates and everything to prove it.

So now you can look more like The Terminator than one of the Proclaimers while you're munching your popcorn.

Mind you, you'll have to be either a really big movie fan or really, really vain to justify the $120 price tag.