Qualcomm May Lose Sony Ericsson & HTC SoC Exclusivity

All the new handsets announced by Sony Ericsson and HTC at the Mobile World Congress were powered by Qualcomm but things may well change in the next twelve months.

Sony Ericsson is bound to extend its strengthen its relationship with its sister company, ST-Ericsson, emulating the symbiotic relationship Samsung Mobile has with Samsung Electronics.

ST-Ericsson's Head of Strategic Accounts and Operator Relations, CTO, Bert-Ola Frostensson told us that it's only a matter of time before Sony Ericsson uses ST Ericsson components into its high end phones.

Roland Sladek, who handles Global Communications, Public and Media Relations for the company, confirmed that four Tier-One mobile phone companies will use ST-Ericsson's U8500 solution, which is a dual core Cortex A9 (@1Ghz) with a Mali 400 GPU (@400Mhz).

In addition, an anonymous tipster from Texas Instruments, told us that out of the two remaining companies that are exclusively on Qualcomm, one may become a TI customer soon. Could that be HTC?

Texas Instruments has been quite aggressive lately managing to get LG to include the TI OMAP4430 in the Optimus 3D (ahead of the Nvidia Tegra 2) and the TI OMAP3630 in the Motorola Droid X and the Blackberry Playbook.