Sharp Uptake Of Adobe Flash On Mobile

Software maker Adobe has predicted huge growth for its Flash platform on smartphones and tablet PC devices in 2011.

Despite Apple's reservations about Adobe's platform, rival firms like Google, HTC, RIM and HP are offering support for Flash 10.1, allowing users to view interactive websites and Flash based videos on the web. Flash Player 10.1 was downloaded more than 6 million times in the Android Market.

Adobe said that it expects a 600 percent growth in Flash in 2011, making it available on 132 smartphone devices and over 50 tablet PC models. The company also revealed that in the six months since the launch of Flash 10.1 for mobile, 20 million smartphones were shipped with software onboard.

Anup Murarka, director of product marketing for Flash, said in an interview during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona “Flash is hardly going away. The usage points to continued growth. Apple's view is that users don't need Flash and can get to the Web without it. But we get comments that users can enjoy more of the Web by having Flash.”

In spite of Flash's increase in popularity it is uncertain as to whether the iPhone will adopt the feature any time soon. As Danny Winokur, Adobe's vice president for Flash Client Platform, said to USA Today, "the ball is in Apple's court."