Windows Phone 7 being updated next month, with Twitter to follow

Seattle software company Microsoft has unveiled at MWC in Barcelona what will be coming next to Windows Phone 7, along with the arrival date of March for the first major update.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer outlined the next stage of their mobile phone operating system, which includes amongst others Twitter integration where the much sought after cut and paste feature will be arriving in March.

It has been a year since WP7 was announced at the same mobile industry event, where this news comes hot off the tail of the Nokia-Microsoft news from last week.

The March update will bring much better stability to the OS, with the new ability for copying text from one place to another - which was left off the initial roll out to the platform – despite being a feature of their other operating systems.

MS stated that during the second half of this year multitasking will be a part of Windows Phone 7, in addition to their latest web browsing software Internet Explorer ‘IE9’ coming to the platform and Twittering statuses being enveloped into the People Hub.

Only a handful of handsets currently run the new OS where many more were expected to be announced this week – only Android has so far dominated the news.

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