Facebook Integrated In New INQ And HTC Smart Phones

Social networking platform Facebook has announced that a host of mobile devices with deep platform integration are on their way.

The announcement comes after INQ and HTC unveiled smart phones that come with powerful Facebook integration offering one touch access to Notifications, Photos and Friends. According to a blog from Charles, Wu a Facebook mobile engineer, the Facebook team has been developing an app for the last six months that will 'bring improved Facebook functionality to over 2,500 different devices'.

Charles Wu's blog also stated “In addition to these new phones from INQ and HTC, you'll also be seeing similar deep Facebook integration on dozens of other devices over the course of this year.”

“Some manufacturers will be highlighting Facebook as a part of their phones' on-screen interfaces, and others will use our brand as an element of the device hardware itself,” he added.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a speech at the Mobile World Congress that the company will be leaning heavily on its mobile division this year, partnering with hardware manufacturers, operators and application developers to bring Facebook to as many mobile phones as possible.