IBM's New Appliance Server

International Business Machines has recently dished out a new appliance server for its System zEnterprise 196 mainframe that comes highly integrated with the mainframe's internal control.

According to The Register, the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension has been designed to bring the processing engines in the mainframe and the server blades under the direct control of a Unified Resource Manager.

The new appliance's set-up includes 112 blades that put two BladeCenter chassis in a single rack, which can be expanded to four racks.

Apart from the new appliance server, IBM also released a new security appliance that would allow organisations to identify threats and protect their systems from them.

The IBM Network Intrusion Protection System (IPS) GX7800 has been designed to help organisations deal with the changing threat landscape by protecting their data and infrastructure from unauthorised access and attacks.

Steve Robinson, general manager, IBM Security Solutions, said in a statement that “As threats continue to grow -- both in and outside of an organizations four walls -- businesses must take the right steps to protect critical assets without disrupting network performance.”