Microsoft Software Available On Mac App Store

Windows maker Microsoft has released its first software available on Apple's newly launched Mac App store.

The Windows Phone 7 Connector software is designed to allow Mac users to sync their iTunes and iPhoto libraries with their Windows Phone 7 devices. The software will also let them update their devices when Microsoft releases it next month, Cult of Mac reports.

The Windows Phone 7 update is expected to bring basic features such as multitasking and copy-paste to Microsoft's fledgling platform.

Microsoft also offer more premium software for Apple's Mac platform, like Office, but they are yet to make an appearance on the Mac App store. However, Microsoft is playing with the idea of launching Office and other software on the new app store in the future.

The company does offer digital downloads for Office for Mac through its own store, but selling it through the Mac App Store would mean sharing the revenue from the sales with rival Apple.