Nokia's Plan B shareholder revolt outed as a hoax

Nokia Plan B, a barmy plot by nine audacious young Nokia shareholders to oust Microsoft fan Stephen Elop from the board and get the development of Symbian and MeeGo back on track has been outed as a hoax.

The Plan B project web site claimed to have been put together by a cabal of nine disgruntled Nokia shareholders who took great offence at what is looking increasingly like a stealthy takeover attempt by Microsoft. The nine 'young investors' even went so far as to write a manifesto pledging the removal of ex-Microsoft employee Elop and other Microsoft loyalists from the board.

Unfortunately for those pleased to see a little fight left in Nokia, the whole thing turns out to have been the invention of a 'very bored engineer' who decided to capitalise on the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announcement to trick the world's press.

"There are no 'nine young investors,'" the individual behind the hoax posted to the official Nokia Plan B Twitter account. "Just one very bored engineer who really likes his iPhone."

The revelation explains why the 'group,' which seemed so full of fire and brimstone when its manifesto went public, publicly folded just thirty-six hours after going live with the site.

The popularity of the site, despite its fictitious nature, could give both Nokia and Microsoft cause for concern: the investors may not be real, but the sentiment expressed by the prankster appears to have hit a chord with Symbian and MeeGo fans across the globe.

For other plans that, sadly, will never come to fruition, have a shufti at - a tongue-in-cheek alphabetical listing of all the options available to the Finnish mobile giant from A to Z and 1 to 10.