Norton Unveils Online Cybercrime Index

A new Cybercrime Index has been released by security software firm Norton, which estimates that cybercrime will cost the UK £1.9 billion in 2011.

The Cybercrime Index Experiential Event was opened yesterday by television presenter Konnie Huq, where an installation about the Norton Cybercrime Index is open to the public until 24th February in The Atrium, Westfield London.

A photo of Ms Huq with a tattoo is being used in publicity by Norton as an analogy of how data placed online will remain forever - much like a tattoo.

Norton's estimations of £1.9 billion in damages caused by cybercrime would equate to £103 per Briton affected by the scourge over the year.

The company's analysis allows users to monitor cyber threat levels in each country, the Index consists of a number that updates daily indicating today’s threat level. Overall, the company puts the current threat levels at 82, down from 115 back in December.

The index is based on the data collected by 113 million servers around the world that are responsible for monitoring cyber threats. The data was then reviewed by the researchers at the University of Texas.

The Cybercrime Index showed that the UK is the third most popular in the world for hosting phishing websites, with the most attacks being targeted towards the financial sector. The US and Germany came in first and the second spot.