Obama summons tech titans to White House

President Barack Obama has summoned three of technology's biggest players to the White House for a wee chat.

Facebook founder and foetus-faced billion dollar baby Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's messianic and rather poorly leader Steve Jobs, and Google's world-dominating virtual Bond Villain Eric Schmidt will all be rolling up to the front doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this evening clutching a bottle of warm Cava and wondering what they've done wrong.

Jobs, Schmidt and Zuckerberg

Apparently, Bam has assembled the boys to have a chin-wag about "American innovation" as well as clean energy, funding education and research and development.

Hopefully, pictures from the meeting will dispel rumours that Steve Jobs is about to drop dead, spread around by the scabrous hacks at a certain supermarket tabloid (the name of which we won't sully these pages by mentioning), who paid some washed-up quack to predict the Apple man's impending demise based on the size of his arse.

Obama might just be trying to get into Schmidt and Zuckerberg's good books after both Google and Facebook were reportedly heavily involved in the toppling of Egyptian Pharaoh Hosni Mubarak.