Steve Jobs May Die Before Launch Of iPhone 5 Says National Enquirer

US tabloid, the National Enquirer, has published photos of what looks to be a very frail Steve Jobs and states that the Apple CEO may have only six weeks to live.

According to the gossip paper, this means that he could die by the end of March, well before the launch of the next iPhone 5 which is widely tipped to happen in June 2011.

Gizmodo has a detailed & objective analysis of the National Enquirer newspaper; the photos are not available online and the site itself can't be accessed from Europe (at least from Spain).

The NatEnq derives its claims of the premature death of Steve Jobs from the analysis of the photos carried out by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and Dr. Samuel Jacobson.

Crucially neither of them are actual oncologists or have met Steve Jobs before and Mirkin, who is a radio talk show host, is basing his analysis on Jobs' butt, which is obviously covered with its signature blue jeans.

Another press source confirmed that Steve Jobs has checked in at the Stanford Cancer Center which other celebrities attended.

Shares of Apple dropped by 0.83 per cent in after hours trading, almost wiping out yesterday's gain. Still, Apple share price has risen by more than 81 per cent over the last year alone and have more than quadrupled since 2006.