Verizon iPhone Sales Appear Slow

The newly launched Verizon iPhone has had underwhelming sales in the past week, even being plagued by short lines across Apple and Verizon stores throughout the US.

According to a tech blog by Boy Genius Report, sensitive information shared by an Apple employee has revealed that the device has had an under-performing first week, not being able to match the expectations of Apple and Verizon.

The blog also released some sales figures pertaining to the combined Verizon iPhone sales from five Apple stores, with two of them being located at prominent locations. The sales figures show that Apple has been having a hard time selling the CDMA version of the device.

The data shows that last Thursday, Apple sold 909 Verizon iPhones compared to 539 AT&T iPhones. On the fifth day, that is Monday, Apple had sold 711 Verizon iPhone units and 618 AT&T iPhone units.

BGR also revealed that online pre-orders for the device taken by Apple and Verizon amounted to around 550,000 units.

Although these figures are interesting they don't show the whole picture, as there are more than 230 stores selling the Verizon iPhone, not to mention the sales from the Verizon store as well.