Angry Birds 3D For Windows Phone 7 In The Works

Rovio Mobile, the game studio behind the popular Angry Birds games, has said that the company is planning to launch a version of the game for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

The company also revealed that the game, which won the 'best mobile app' award at the Mobile World Congress, will soon be available in 3D. The release date and the platform have not actually been announced, mobile tech blog Pocket-Lint reports.

The launch of Angry Birds on the Windows Phone 7 platform is apparently being held up because of Microsoft.

“Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers,” Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka said in an exclusive chat with Pocket-Lint.

Microsoft can't afford to delay the launch of the game on its platform following the success Angry Birds has had on other platforms. The profile of the game is likely to increase further after tying up with a major Hollywood studio for upcoming animation flick Rio.

Vesterbacka would not go so far as to officially declare that the 3D version would be available for the Windows handset, but did concede when questioned "its all in the works."

In the past the realationship between the two companies had been tarnished when Microsoft used the Angry Birds logo to launch Windows phone 7 without consent, but the Rovio exec claimed it was all in the past.