Apple To Roll Out New MobileMe For iPhone 5?

Apple may launch a radically different version of MobileMe, its cloud computing service, at the same time as its iPhone 5 handset in June 2011.

Cultofmac says that the company is looking at getting a number of features ready like a live video streaming service, a location based check-in service and a geo-tagging system codenamed tokens.

Similar services (UStream, Gowalla, Foursquare and Facebook Places) already exist but the new Apple's MobileMe plans to integrate everything and perhaps more.

CoM's source said that “A ton of ideas were hatched on what they could do, and from what I heard, a lot of their ideas were shelved for a later date in order to focus on a few of them”.

There will be a dashboard that will mashup live streams from other external services which reminds us of what other mobile phone manufacturers (Sony Ericsson with Timescape, Motorola with Blur) already offer.

In addition, the new MobileMe seems to be bent on collecting and broadcasting as much details as it can from the user; that includes games, music, websites visited, status updates, applications used, people they met, music listened, apps purchased, movies seen and more.

Arguably because of privacy concerns, the user will be able to finetune the level of privacy (or intrusion) of the new service) and who can see the information.

Back in January, 9to5mac discovered within the iOS 4.3 Beta 2, pointers to a number of new services like Photo Streaming, Media Stream and Find My Friends.