Buy Or Sell Excess Computing Capacity With Enomaly's New CloudSpot

Software maker Enomaly has launched a new platform called SpotCloud that lets corporations sell their excess computing capacity to others.

According to The Economist, SpotCloud, which is being hailed as the world's first spot market for cloud computing services, looks to sell cloud computing as a commodity.

Companies that have spare data centre capacity can put them up for sale online and organisations looking to hire some extra server power are able to bid for the space. SpotCloud gets to keep 10 to 30 per cent of the sale depending on the size of the space being sold.

SpotCloud, which has been running trials since November, is designed to work with the Google App Engine which allows it to access a decentralised global system without spending much for managing the bandwidth.

Many in the industry were doubtful whether such a venture could take off, in particular because of the security implications of how information stored by complete strangers. Reuven Cohen, Enomaly founder, said that the platform is already attracting a lot of supply but the demand for the cloud space is yet to pick up.

Demand in the longer term for SpotCloud, according to Cohen, is likely to com from people who need capacity quickly, rather than those looking for long term solutions with dedicated service.