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UK Schools Should Switch To Cloud Computing

UK schools would do good to adopt cloud computing services in order to improve the level of education, an expert has suggested.

Sarah Underwood, magazine and brand editor of digital magazine ICT for Education, said that a robust system based on a hosted cloud computing platform could be effectively utilised by schools and academics and be of great benefit.

Her comments come just days after the Higher Education Funding Council for England declared that it would be allocating a fund of £12.5 million to an initiative which will look to provide colleges and universities with cloud computing capabilities.

“It would be a great step forward for education if schools choose to adopt it. There will be some, such as ICT specialist schools and academies that will use the cloud quite soon, I imagine. It saves them from downtime, maintenance, upgrades, it has shared costs and they don't have to run it for themselves,” she said.

Hesitancy over adopting a cloud-based system is mainly down to the issue of security. The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) claimed security would be the main hurdle facing cloud computing over the coming years. The issue has also been near the top of the agenda at the RSA security conference this week. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.