UK internet users don't 'Like' Facebook

Facebook and Twitter have been named among the UK's least favourite innovations of the last 10 years, according to a new survey.

But while British consumers proved sceptical about social networking, the Internet as a whole was greeted with enthusiasm. Home broadband and online shopping topped the poll's list of most useful inventions.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 73 per cent of the UK's population now has access to the Internet at home, most of them using a broadband connection - nearly three times the number of users online a decade ago.

Search giant Google came in at number three in the list of innovations that had contributed the most to Britain over the past decade, with online comparison sites also making an appearance.

The survey, carried out by marketing consultancy The Foundation among 2,200 consumers reflects the British public's love-hate relationship with life online.

According to The Foundation's Charlie Dawson, it demonstrates the public's preference for tools and sites that offer practical benefits over things they regard as trendy gimmicks.

"If you want to have something that will be adopted by the masses and be sustained, it's about really understanding what people want and what people want to do and finding ways, with substance, of helping people do that," Dawson told the UK's Telegraph newspaper, "rather than things that feel that they might be entertaining and fad-like."

Here are those Innovation Index results in full:

Innovations of that have contributed the most to Britain in the last 10 years:

1. Home broadband

2. Online shopping

3. Google

4. Chip and Pin

5. Digital cameras/photography

6. Online comparison sites

7. Community Recycling

8. Health labelling on foods (e.g. traffic lights)

9. Low-cost air travel

10. Consumer GPS/Sat-Nav

Innovations of that have contributed the least to Britain in the last 10 years:

1. Reality TV

2. Facebook and similar

3. Pop-up advertising

4. Twitter

5. IVR/Interactive voice response on telephones

6. Congestion charging

7. Paid-for plastic bags

8. DVD membership schemes (e.g. Lovefilm)

9. Tracker mortgages

10. Public bike schemes