Google gets its just desserts

Internet search engine giant Google's out going CEO Eric Schmidt attended MWC in Barcelona this week, where in his keynote speech he confirmed the upcoming name for Android 2.4, a movie app and the latest figures for the Google mobile OS.

The former head of Google mentioned the next version of Android will be made up of elements from Android 'Gingerbread' 2.3 and Android 'Honeycomb' 3.0, which is geared up for tablet devices, to form the version 2.4 - which has the name of a dessert starting with the letter 'I'.

There isn't a great deal of information about Google's Android 2.4 'Ice-cream' or possibly 'Ice-cream sandwich' at this time, other than it will be arriving in the middle of the year.

It’s been reported an upcoming iteration of Android will carry a music service, akin to iTunes and that 2.4 will undoubtedly be carrying NFC functionality.

Also announced at the event was Movie Studio, a film editing application that’s been built for tablet devices with the ability to edit video and export to 720p.

Google's once CEO also gave an update to Android stats at the press event, with 350,000 new activations every day, on 170 compatible devices where there's over 150,000 Android apps around today.

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