HiberniaEvros Invests €1.6m In Cloud Computing Division

Ireland based company HiberniaEvros has decided to invest €1.6 million in a new division that will focus on offering cloud computing services.

The new infrastructure-as-a-service offering (IaaS) has already gained a number of customers including the popular Irish classifieds website DoneDeal.ie. The company expects the new division to create 50 jobs over a period of three years.

The service has been designed to let organisations outsource their IT infrastructure to HiberniaEvros's servers and be able to remotely access it. The platform will be highly scalable, allowing companies to add new servers and storage space instantly, the company said.

Brian Larkin, operations director of HiberniaEvros, said in a statement to The Irish Times, “this allows companies to take advantage of expensive technology without any up-front investment on their end. What we’re trying to do is replace the requirement for computer rooms and reduce businesses’ overheads.”

HiberniaEvros already has managed services for about eight hundred companies in Ireland and sales of €22.4 million reported last year.

The service will be offered on a monthly fee model with the users of the public cloud being charged as per their usage and those on managed clouds would have to dish out a monthly fee.