Interoperability Vital For Future Of Mobile And Cloud Computing, Claims AT&T CEO

Randall Stephenson, the CEO of US wireless carrier AT&T has declared that mobile phone applications need to focus heavily on device interoperability in order to exploit the growth in mobile broadband and cloud computing.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Stephenson cited the 'buy once, read anywhere' model adopted by Amazon for its Kindle platform as a perfect example of how to leverage interoperability to make full use of cloud computing and mobile broadband.

He said that in the near future, consumers will be demanding more from their mobile devices, fuelling growth in the mobile app market.

“Open interoperable systems are vital, as mobile broadband and cloud computing capabilities will drive the next wave of growth in mobile broadband. We've seen this in a large way with the Amazon Kindle,” he said during his keynote speech.

He even had a few gentle words aimed at Apple for requiring their own devices in order to run iTunes songs and App Store apps.

Stephenson said wireless mobile devices should be able to operate across nations and regions in what he called "spectrum harmony," something that's a major problem with networks at present. Addressing regulators he said they should be "aggressive about getting spectrum into the right hands and policies have to harmonize across geographies."