Make Enterprise Software More Like Facebook

Saleforce CEO Marc Benioff has suggested that enterprise software should be made to look and work like social network sites such as Facebook.

According to Sean Deuby of tech blog Windows IT Pro, during his speech at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit at the RSA conference, Benioff proposed that traditional enterprise software like CRM should be made to look and work more like Facebook.

He argued that if employees liked spending time on Facebook and hated working on traditional enterprise software, then why not make enterprise software like Facebook, complete with a mobile version that lets employees see what their co-workers are working on and ask them for help?

Kraig Swensrud, Salesforce's SVP of product marketing then took the stage to demonstrate how their company actually had integrated a Facebook-like platform with an enterprise collaboration tool. The platform has striking similarities with Facebook including a like button and an option to comment. A screenshot of the tool can be viewed here.

Swensrud then went on to give a convincing argument for the effectiveness of the software. It could be an approach which turns out to be very useful in area calling for high levels of collaboration between colleagues.