Microsoft Kinect gets first Mac hack

Since Microsoft released its controllerless Kinect controller a few months back, PC enthusiasts have been queueing up to show off ways in which they have used the camera-based, movement-sensing peripheral for everything from controlling sex games to playing a virtual piano.

French fans site HardMac has unearthed what we believe to be the first Kinect hack using MacOS X, in the form of a gesture-based controller hooked up to a TV which can adjust the volume and change channels.

An Indian chap named only as 'Harishanka' connected the Kinect to a Mac Mini using open NI technology to detect movement, with the resultant signals being routed through a USB UIRT receiver.

The receiver then relays the IR signals to the TV.

We know it's not exactly the be-all and end-all of movement-sensing Mac controllers, but it's a start!