100% Web Is Future Of Cloud Computing Says Google Apps Chief

Search engine giant Google has gone into overdrive in promoting its Google Apps cloud based enterprise suite with adverts in various prominent magazines including The Economist.

Google's recent Google Apps ad in The Economist reflects the company's determination to push its productivity suite ahead of Microsoft Office, The Register reports.

The four page ad claims that every day 3000 businesses are shifting to Google's platform with over 3 million businesses adopting Google Apps since its launch in 2007.

In an interview with The Register, David Girouard, the president of Google's Enterprise business, stated "it's not that we haven't been promoting [Google Apps] all along, but we also have been cognizant that the product needed to mature. We've been in the market with our cloud apps for almost four years now, and the products are maturing and getting better."

In a swipe at rivals Microsoft who offer a part desktop part cloud suite he stated, "we believe that 100% web is the future of the cloud computing model."

He added that people needed to see the power of the cloud and that it is not just something for the future but is already happening on a large scale.

“You have to build confidence over time. The reality is that everybody will be doing it. It's like using a telephone. You don't think twice about using a telephone for business purposes now, but it used to be considered strange,” he said in a statement.