Will Paypal Launch Google One Pass Rival?

With Apple and Google both launching (or looking to launch) payment solutions that aim to allow service providers to bypass traditional players, Paypal could be well advised to look for a solution similar Google One Pass.

Paypal could leverage its 235 million accounts worldwide (more than Google's Gmail 200 million accounts) if it wanted to and launch an ecosystem that makes full use of the tens of thousands of commercial partners that collaborate with Paypal.

After all, Paypal, which is owned by Ebay, has a much larger commercial footprint than Google's checkout and could enlist a much bigger following than One Pass if it decided to launch a platform agnostic in-app subscription service.

Users can already use mobile apps to make mobile payments via Paypal but this cannot be tied to third parties services the way Apple or Google plans it.

As it stands time though is running out for Paypal because most major phone operating systems will want to have their own payment systems, businesses may not want to run multiple payment systems and the amount of transactions carried out on mobile platforms can only rise exponentially.

To make matters worse, even mobile phone operators like O2 are considering becoming virtual banks in order to expand their revenue sources.