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Apple To Use Intel Light Peak Connection Technology

Apple will reportedly use Intel's Light Peak technology in updating its flagship Macbook Pro laptop device.

According to Cnet, Apple is most likely to use the technology though without using the name Light Peak when it releases the upgrades over the coming months.

Light Peak, which was unveiled by Intel at its 2009 developers' conference, will be a replacement for the cables that connect monitors, external hard drives, processing units and other devices with each other in a computer system using fibre optics technology.

Initially, Intel and Apple will use copper instead of using fibre optics and the nature of the technology will be more specific.

Light Peak is much faster than even USB 3.0 with speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second simultaneously in both directions. The use of copper ought not affect these connection speeds.

Sources have told Apple Insider that the company has informed some stores in Europe that they will be receiving some sealed packages as soon as Monday. Apple has warned the stores not to open the sealed packages before the company tells them to do so.