Android Market getting movies, music, and books

Evidence of Google's attempt to replicate Apple's success in the digital content market is mounting, with three new URLs springing up for the Android Market.

Currently, the Android Market is the place to go if you want add-on apps - either free or pricey - for your Android-based tablet or smartphone. Unlike Apple's rival iTunes, however, that's all it offers.

New URLs spotted by Android Community suggest that is to change, however: links to Android Market Music, Movies, and Books are now live - although they currently redirect to the main Android Market homepage.

Google has been offering an electronic book store in the US for a while now, and rumours of the impending launch of Google Music never seem to go away - but Google Movies is new, and suggests that the company is aiming to go for the digital content trifecta.

Under the new regime, the Android Market will offer on-device and web-based access to apps, TV programmes, films, music, and books - likely tying in with the company's just-launched One Pass subscription service to add in access to magazines and newspapers, too.

It's an approach which isn't unique in the world of Android: Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10-inch tablet includes a series of Samsung-branded 'hubs' that allow users to buy digital content in much the same way.

Adding the services to Android Market, however, would make them accessible from almost any Android device - offering content owners a tempting ecosystem that could potentially dwarf that of iTunes.

For now, however, Google is keeping quiet on its plans.