Apple to pioneer Light Peak connection on iPad 2

We're hearing several rumblings from different sources that Apple could be rolling out a variant of the Light Peak connectivity standard in one or more of its forthcoming product updates.

In its original format, Light Peak is a fibre optic-based solution intended to amalgamate several connections for monitors, keyboards, external storage and other peripherals into a single cable.

Sources at Cnet have said that a refresh to the MacBook Pro range, which could even see the light of day tomorrow if reports of mysterious shipments to Apple stores and resellers are to be believed, could feature a cut-down, copper-based version of the standard.

With the ability to simultaneously carry 10 gigabits per second in both directions, the cut down version, which will almost certainly not be called Light Peak for obvious reasons, will probably be used exclusively for connection to external storage devices.

Electronista is also suggesting that a mystery port spotted on leaked case components purported to be part of the much-predicted iPad 2 could also become home to some variant of the Intel-developed Light Peak standard.

Apple has a well-deserved reputation for pioneering new connectivity standards and getting Light Peak (or whatever it ends up being named) into flagship products like the MacBook Pro range and the much-anticipated second coming of the iPad will have a halo effect which will boost adoption on other platforms and make Intel very happy.